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Lean, Green & ESG

Achieving Operational Excellence through Lean Construction and Sustainability

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Lean, Green & ESG


In this initial session introducing Lean, Green & ESG, SustainIQ Co-Founder Liam McEvoy will be joined by Derek Sinnott BE MSc PhD of Lean Construction Ireland.

Derek is an advocate of sustainable business development through organisational productivity and performance optimisation, high performance leadership, sustainability and ESG reporting, low carbon and digital innovations. 

Working with many organisations across the construction sector, Derek is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things lean, green and ESG.

In this session, you'll hear from the best in industry about:

  • The Eight Principles of Lean
  • How ESG and Lean are aligned
  • How ESG and Lean can drive operational efficiency and success in your organisation

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Lean Construction Ireland

We'll be joined by Lean Construction Ireland during this webinar.

LCi is a community of learning and practice that advocates for the transformation of the Irish construction sector through the adoption of Lean thinking and practices by the entire sector to enable and sustain enhanced effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and profitability for all stakeholders in the value chain.

Learn more about LCi on their website below.


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